CITE Solutions

CITE takes equity interests in Asset Partners: nascent asset management companies with assets under management of below $1bn, sub-three year operating history or a combination of the two. As partners, we strive to create value by revisiting our clients current product approach, its resources and potential to built a sustainable business. Our Asset Partners expect us to enable them to raise assets and to that end we offer access to our global network of third party marketers (TPM) and placement agents

We work with Asset Partners with the vision to take local teams and products global. We offer our clients a business strategy review via workshops, competitive landscape analysis, operational and cultural due diligence with the prime objective to position our Asset Partners in a competitive market. All these are part of our upfront and ongoing commitment to our Asset Partners. As such investors in our Asset Partners can expect an unprecedented level of corporate governance.

Due to our believe in sustainability, we also have an interest in clean technology and affiliated services and product solutions. CITE’s Clean Technology (CCT) initiative roots in our belief that institutional investors cannot avoid considering making allocations to this high growth segment that touches on every traditional industry. Whilst the end of the 20th century emerged as the computer and internet age, the beginning of the 21st sets the foundation for energy efficiency, potential technology solutions that curb greenhouse gas emissions, and where global policies drive fundamental investment decisions.

To conclude, CITE Investments focuses on serving its Asset Partners and institutional investors. Our Solutions focus on covering both Public and Private markets. CITE stands for Collaborative, Insightful, Transparent and Engaging. These reflect our core business values.

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