Israel – the Silicon Valley of the water industry?

There is an article in the November 2007 issue of Global Water Intelligence (you may need subscription) about Israel gearing up to be the “Silicon Valley” of the water industry. Here’s the list of Israel’s water technology VC investors, albeit an old list back in 2007:


(In text: Arison Water Initiative, Aqua Agro Fund, IDB Holdings (Elron), BHCO Group, Israel Cleantech Ventures, Terra Venture Partners, Gemini Israel, Greylock Partners, Aurum Ventures, L Capital, Ashkelon Incubator, Kinrot Incubator, LN Incubator)

Also, the Watec conference in Tel Aviv list top 10 technologies 2007 (you might discover I just covered Bio Pure Technology in my previous blog but I can’t guarantee the existence of others after the financial crisis!):
israel water technology

(In text: Atlantium, Blue I Water Technologies, AqWise, Bio Pure Technology, Pervasiv, CheckLight, Toxsorb, TreaTec21 Industries, En Gibton, Aquilyzer)



  1. Sascha Klamp · September 4, 2009

    Mat, enjoyed this although the list is somewhat outdated. Did you find a similar table for the European, US or indeed Asian market? Would be great to share this.

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