FT: Which country has the greenest bail-out?

There is an interesting interactive graphics posted on FT (Mar 2009, updated Aug 2009) about the countries with greenest bail-outs. It reported that governments around the world have committed over $512bn of the global economic stimulus outlined so far to green projects, with 22% to be spent in 2009, HSBC estimates.

While we know that this is good for green businesses, there are proponents of a green stimulus who claim that there will be serious consequences if the money is misspent and countries could be committed to a path that has already led to a growth in greenhouse gas emissions. Interesting argument as we know some clean technologies can be capital-intensive such as solar and biofuels – it can take a lot of energy and materials to produce them.

I am somewhat unsure about the title “greenest bail-outs”. Is it really bail-outs or is it really green investments/stimulus package? The authors did not give explanation for the title.

By volume, the “greenest bail-outs” are:
1. China ($218bn)
2. US ($117.2bn)
3. South Korea ($59.9bn)
4. Japan ($36bn)
5. EU ($24.7bn)
6. Germany ($13.8bn)
7. Australia ($9.3bn)
8. France ($6.1bn)
9. UK ($3.7bn)
10. Canada ($2.8bn)
11. Italy ($1.3bn)

By percentage, the “greenest bail-outs” are:
1. South Korea (79%)
2. EU (64%)
3. China (34%)
4. Australia (21%)
5. France (18%)
6. Germany (13%)
7. US (12%)
8. UK (11%)
9. Canada (9%)
10. Japan (6%)
11. Italy (1%)
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