Guardian reveals the top 100 Europe’s hottest clean technology companies

The Guardian/Library House CleanTech in this 18 Sep 2008 article highlighted a group of the most promising private companies (investment-only companies were excluded) in Europe focusing on clean technology, with ­companies selected on the basis of their potential for future growth and ­beneficial environmental impact.

Advisory board members who selected the companies (how the companies were chosen here):
Uwe Albrecht, Managing partner, Siemens Venture Capital GmbH
Peter Baines, General partner, Advent Venture Partners
Clennel Collingwood, Investment manager, TTP Ventures
Luciano Diana, Head of Cleantech Energy Equity Research, Morgan Stanley
Ben Goldsmith, Partner, WHEB Ventures
Alex Hook, Investment manager, NESTA
Bakhrom Ibragimov, Principal, Virgin Green Fund
Alok Jha, Journalist, The Guardian
Hamish Sandison, Partner, Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP
Patrick Sheehan, Partner, Environmental Technologies Fund
Felix von Schubert, Partner, Zouk Ventures
Adam Workman, Investment partner, CT Investment
Stephan Decher, Founding partner, Clean Capital
Jürgen Habichler, Managing director, Mountain Cleantech
Andrew Humphrey, Clean energy analyst, Morgan Stanley
Stuart McKnight, Managing director, Ascendant
Maurizio PetitBon, General partner, Kreos
Andreas von Richter, GE Energy Financial Services Capital

The complete top 100 list is found here. The top 10 list (out of 100) are shown here:

Company Sector What they do Product status Based Founded Employees
1 Odersun Solar power Design and manufacture of thin-film flexible solar cells Shipping Germany, Frankfurt 2002 90
2 Deep Stream Technologies Distribution and management ‘Embedded intelligence’ circuits for power management Shipping UK, Bangor 2003 52
3 CamSemi Electricals Low cost, low power standby mode technology Shipping UK, Cambridge 2000 57
4 SiC Processing Industry Hydrocyclone technology to improve solar cell production Shipping Germany, Hirschau 2000 Undisclosed
5 Marine Current Turbines Marine power Tidal turbines Development UK, Bristol 1989 15
6 Sulfurcell Solartechnik Solar power Thin film solar technology Shipping Germany, Berlin 2001 60
7 Pelamis Wave Power Marine power Wave energy technology Shipping UK, Edinburgh 1998 70
8 Solarcentury Solar power Mass market solar technology Shipping UK, London 1998 100
9 Nujira Electricals Low-power mobile-phone and radio transmission Testing UK, Cambridge 2002 47
10 Atraverda Electricals Conductive ceramics for power storage Development UK, Abertilly 1991 8