The beginning of a new Dot.Com – Clean Tech fund sponsoring on the rise (Clean Tech Investment Drops) reports on April 1st, 2009 that proposed investments in Clean Technology with about $400bn committed to the sector is on the rise after a sharp drop earlier in the year. The race is on which nation can take leadership in this new high growth sector. Traditionally the US lead the way, but this time the Asian market generally and the Chinese in particular want a piece of the action. The numbers dont seem to reflect this – yet. Watch this space!

The question is how much of the $8.4bn raised in 2008 has been burned or needs deploying in 2009/2010. Funds coming to market in 2010/2011 may well have timing on their side. IRR for the 2007/2008 will become a lead indicator whether the Sector has seen an analogous shift as the IT industry after the bust.

However, the outlook for Clean Technology is very attractive indeed; early birds will be rewarded.